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Created in Cape Town, showcasing around the globe.

Cape Art View, the digital art gallery for creative individuals and global art lovers.

Our Journey

Our journey in the art world has taken us from Cape Town to Zürich and Dubai, promoting South African artworks alongside captivating creations by a Danish/Swiss artist.

Inspired in Cape Town

We have been involved in the marketing of South African artists since 1999.The artworks of these seven artists have become very popular with art collectors and multi-national companies globally.

Started in Zürich

In 2019, we opened our office in Zürich, Switzerland. From there, we began distributing a selection of South African artworks. We also distribute the work of a Danish/Swiss artist.

Showcasing in Dubai

In 2022, we moved to the United Arab Emirates. From our new location, we continue to distribute South African artworks and the work of a Danish/Swiss artist.

Find the perfect piece on Cape Art View.

On Cape Art View, our digital art gallery enables you to get to know artists and purchase their limited editions.

Listed Artists

Inspired by 7 artists, a diverse creative collection, passionate art collectors and creative story tellers. 

Selwin Pekeur

Carla Bosch

Chaz Williams

Belinda Hewer